Hello, and welcome to Run Rabbit Run, I am glad you could join me.  My name is Kelly, and I hope to use this space to introduce you to what I am up to, working on, interested in and inspired by.  Some of you may know me as Kirkham Puppets; if you don't, feel free to check out my Kirkham Puppets Blog here. There will be plenty of puppet-y goodness on this website too, in addition to illustration and art.

     If you take a look at the accompanying photo, you will see a part of my workspace in the studio.  Papier mache materials, bird reference book, acrylics, brushes, coloured pencils all at the ready.  A finished papier mache chickadee puppet head sits in the foreground.  He is one of two bird puppets(the other being a common yellowthroat) created for a show in Chatham Ontario, entitled 'Big Spaces, Small Animals'.  I also made a video, with the filming and editing help of Brynley, of the chickadee and yellowthroat puppets at the Beaches here in Toronto.  Please forgive their performances, they were feeling a little stiff and out-of-sorts that day. 



06/18/2010 8:36am

Hilarious video! The small elephant and the last shot are the best. Yay for a new blog!

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