I am very excited to see this movie!  Puppetvision is an excellent and one of a kind puppetry blog created by Andrew Young.   He has taken his puppet info gathering skills to the next level with  Puppetvision: The Movie, a documentary about, what else, puppets!!  If you are at all interested in puppets, you will want to check out the movie teaser below; the film will be illuminating what is going on around the world in puppetry today, and exploring puppetry as an art form. 

Puppetvision is being funded in part by Indiegogo, if you would like to contribute to the funding of this movie go here.
     Hello, and welcome to Run Rabbit Run, I am glad you could join me.  My name is Kelly, and I hope to use this space to introduce you to what I am up to, working on, interested in and inspired by.  Some of you may know me as Kirkham Puppets; if you don't, feel free to check out my Kirkham Puppets Blog here. There will be plenty of puppet-y goodness on this website too, in addition to illustration and art.

     If you take a look at the accompanying photo, you will see a part of my workspace in the studio.  Papier mache materials, bird reference book, acrylics, brushes, coloured pencils all at the ready.  A finished papier mache chickadee puppet head sits in the foreground.  He is one of two bird puppets(the other being a common yellowthroat) created for a show in Chatham Ontario, entitled 'Big Spaces, Small Animals'.  I also made a video, with the filming and editing help of Brynley, of the chickadee and yellowthroat puppets at the Beaches here in Toronto.  Please forgive their performances, they were feeling a little stiff and out-of-sorts that day.