Japanese Maple: pen, marker on paper.  Always a beautiful tree, but dangerous, just look at those serrated edges.
Manitoba Maple: pen on paper.  Strange, irregular lobes, each leaf different and not symmetrical.  These trees like to sprout up along a fence line and weave themselves into your chainlink fence
Laundry: pen on paper.  Dryer is out of commission, so it's outside we go..
Red Person Right: Acrylic paint, pen on paper.

Day 89: Sunflowers


Sunflowers: pencil on paper.
Playground Fight: pen on paper.  Tim muttered something about Gary's mother under his breath, Gary voiced his intention to rearrange Tim's features for him.  It was inevitable.
Early Battle Scenes 4: pencil on paper. 
Early Battle Scenes 3: pencil on paper.  Owl Pieta.
Bear With Balloons: pen on paper.  You can tell it is a rough sketch because I wrote the word 'floating' over top the balloons.  I don't know why, a balloon on a string is pretty self explanatory.
Imaginary Heads: pen, graphite, pencil crayon on paper.  Sketches for a series idea a bit ago.