Fridge Magnets: pen on paper, gimp.  The bee is my favourite.  It is made of glass!
Children at Window: pen on paper.  A few more candidates for the goofy looking hand collection.
Numbers: pen, marker on paper
Letters Chart: pen, marker on paper.
Octopus and Rabbit: pen, marker on paper.  Sure, that octopus may a vinyl bath toy, and that rabbit an elegant stainless steel sculpture, but that doesn't stop them from being friends.  I think there is a lesson in there somewhere, something about liking people even if they resemble octopi, or are made of vinyl, or something...
High Park Traffic Light: pen on paper.  This is what was out the window Monday night.  If I had thought to bring paper and pen with me when I was looking at something more entertaining, namely puppets, you would probably be having a really good time right now. 

That energetic little half-blob above the traffic light is supposed to be the moon, in a bit of mist. 
Frog With Mask: pen on green flyer.  That's quite the tilt on that frog.
Dancing Baby Birds: pen on green flyer.  You can tell they are just babies because they have hardly any hair on their heads, and they have disproportionately large beaks.  They have darkened their upper beaks to try to pass as older birds, but I don't think it's working.
Tiger With Bow: pen on green flyer.  It is good to show tigers wearing bows, it conveys their tender, sweet side, much like frosted mini wheats.  Though instead of just a plain wheat-y side opposite the 'frosted' or sweet side, tigers have a pointy, bloodthirsty, I-want-to-eat-you-and-am-barely-restraining-myself-from-doing-so side.
Two Little Guys: pen on green flyer.  What's going on is that the scary looking guy is scaring the scared looking guy.