There is a nice messy pile of paper on my studio floor right now, a pile of brush-y, ink-y paintings in various stages of finished and not finished.  I've been playing around with water media as of late, including inks, watered down acrylics, gouache and yes, even watercolour.  Reacquainting myself with  media that is waterproof and that which is not (india ink I am looking in your direction).  That beautiful blue you see above is a serendipitous mix of raw umber and phthalo blue.  

The faces you see are from both a pink spotted deer with one googly eye, and the face of a smiling puppet that is vomiting love.
Red Person Right: Acrylic paint, pen on paper.
Red Person Left: Acrylic paint, pen on paper.
Tomato Plant in October: watercolour, graphite, pencil crayon on paper.

My New Love


I think, for whatever reason, back in my art school days, I wrote off gouache as a viable medium.  Watercolour was the way to go, its transparency being somehow superior to gouaches relative opacity.  Poor naive me.  Missing out all these years on the thrilling roller coaster that is gouache.  I may be exaggerating, but truthfully I didn't realize the colours were so vibrant, or the surface so appealingly matte.  Just look at that owl's hot pink outline!  Zing!

P.S. Those little pink legs at the top of the image belonged to a hot pink deer.  I was cruel and cut the paper clean across it. 
Over the wall with ye, Little Rabbit..