Creepy Otter


I was lucky enough to find these awesome Nature Magazines at an antiques shop nearby; I love the cover illustrations here by a person named Hexom.  I think they are engravings, but not sure.  Great colour and composition.  And take a close look at that otters expression!!  Not the happy-go-lucky fun loving little guys we thought we knew.
c) An Elephant: marker, pen on paper.  Last one.  This elephant has been walking through the marigolds, looks like.
b) A Leopard: marker, pen on paper.
a) A Giraffe: marker, pen on paper.
Burly Howl: Masking tape, marker, newspaper.  Consider this guy like a little Howl bouncer. 
Moleskin Rabbit: pen, pencil crayon on paper.
Puppet Fashion: pen on paper.  Yet another outfit that I might enjoy wearing were it people sized.

Day 82: Daffodil


Daffodil: pencil, marker on paper.  We will be visiting Bryn's parent's house soon, and I am really looking forward to getting a look at the gigantic sea of daffodils they have planted over the past 15 years under two enormous feral apple trees in their backyard. 
Rabbits Doing Rubik's Cube, Badly: pen, marker on paper.  You know, rabbits are good at a lot of things, like eating clover, looking cute and raiding Mr. McGregor's garden.  They are not, however, good at solving Rubik's Cube.  It's quite the puzzler for them.  Me too.
Boy Marionette: pencil on paper.  Some of you may recognize the silhouette of the rabbit around this boy's head; it's a Lucky Rabbit!  Sometimes sketches overlap each other, not for lack of room on the page, but just because.